Talks & Interviews

“Social big-data – surveillance or gold mine?” Sociale big-data – overvågning eller guldgrube?
Panel debate on the use of social big-data. Hosted by the University of Copenhagen, June 17th 2017.

“Taking the supernatual seriously (academically speaking)” – Når kvantefysikeren tror på bjergånder
Interview on the supernatural and the ontological turn. In University Post. Written May 19th 2017.

“The Ontological Turn”
Interview together with Martin Holbraad in Cambridge blog on the recent release of their book “The Ontological Turn: An Anthropological Exposition”, March 28th 2017.

“Urban Hunters: Hustling and Gathering in Postsocialist Ulaanbaatar”
Presentation of a recent publication at the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies; Department of Anthropology; Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, April 6th 2016.

“Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and the Future”
Interview together with Martin Holbraad on their edited volume. Posted in the Interrogations series on Anthropoliteia, May 26th 2016.

Demokratiudvikling i Mongoliet
Speaker at a public hearing titled “Markering af demokratiudv. i Mongoliet” at the Danish parliament, August 21st 2015.

“Forum for the Philosophy of Social Sciences”Forum for Samfundsvidenskabernes Filosofi.
Participation in the series of lectures on “Experiments in the Social Sciences”.

Abstract of the presentation:
This presentation identifies and compares different kinds of ethnographic experimentation. Departing from a discussion of the classic ethnographic fieldwork as a distinct form of self-experimentation in which the researcher’s own body and mind is turned into an object and a tool of exploration, I discuss recent attempts to draw on anthropological expertise in experimental set-ups, which seek to combine different scientific traditions and in so doing push to the limit and perhaps even overcome disciplinary boundaries and knowledge practices.