P3 og Professorpanelet”
Together with a panel of professors, Morten attempts to nuance contemporary issues on the Danish National Radio’s program Go’ Morgen P3. Multiple episodes, following link for overview.

“More-than-Human Politics”
Appearance on Anthropod. The episode is built around a recording of a workshop on “More than Human Politics,” which was held in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen, October 11th 2017.

“The World’s Largest Mining Project Resides in Mongolia” – Verdens største mineprojekt ligger i Mongoliet
Emission on mining in Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia. From Danish National Radio’s programme “Orientering” at P1 on April 22nd 2013.

“Magic Worlds” – Magiens verdener
Emission on magic and shamanism at the Danish National Radio. Listen to the programme from November 15th 2010 by clicking on the link “Morten og shamanism” in the left bar on the site. (In Danish)

“The Last Joke” – Den sidste vits
Emission on humor and jokes at the Danish National Radio. Broadcasted September 4th 2005.