Sibirian Journeys – På Rejse i SibirienExhibition-v

Sibirian Journeys was an ethnographic exhibition that I co-organized and co-curating at Moesgaard Museum, Århus, during the spring of 2005.

The artifacts exhibited originated from thee interdisciplinary Danish-Russian expeditions among hunters and nomads in Northern Siberia that were organized by Eske and Rane Willerslev during the 1990s . The aim of the expeditions, of which I took part in the second in to Kamchatka during the summer of 1992, was to explore social, cultural, economic and environmental life among different indigenous peoples of Northern iberia and the Russian Far East, and to compare these findings with the famous studies by Waldemar Jochelson, Franz Bogoraz and other Russian ethnographers carried out before the Revolution.

The booklet that I co-edited in conjunction with the exhibition can be downloaded by clicking on the Danish title in the top. (The booklet is in Danish only).